Merit Badge College Registration

Important: Be sure to have your Scouts discuss their merit badge selections with their Scoutmaster before making their choices. The Scoutmaster should be aware of the badges they are attempting at Merit Badge College in advance.




  1. Look over the badges to be offered on the Master Schedule page of this web site and note the remaining slots available on the Class Rosters page.
  2. Have your Troop Advancement Chair, or an adult leader, email the MBC Provost with your Troop number in the subject line, and request an application form. (The sooner you sign up, the more likely you will receive your first choice of classes.)
  3. Let your your Troop Advancement Chair, or adult leader, know of your class choices, your email contact, and if you wish to purchase lunch from us, or bring your own. (Please note that the Scout’s email address you use in the registration section may be used by the counselors to communicate important information about Merit Badge College)
  4. Your Troop Advancement Chair, or adult leader, will receive a final confirmation email once your application has been processed and this site will be updated. Please have patience, this website should be on the National Register of Historic Places! 

All attempts will be made to satisfy your preferred choices, but class availability will be determined on a first come, first served basis determined by the date your completed application is received. If none of your choices are available, you will have the opportunity to select a new class schedule.

Please note: Some badges require that the prerequisite work be emailed in advance to the counselor – see the prerequisite information on the Counselor Contact Info & Prerequisites page of this web site for specifics.

Payment will be taken at the door at our first class session in January. Cost is $30, which includes lunch at both sessions, or you can bring your own lunch and drink and pay $20. Additional class fees: Cooking $10, Plumbing $7, and Space Exploration $10.


For any questions, comments, suggestions, or hot stock tips, please email the MBC Provost at