Our Program

Summer Camp 2010Our troop meetings revolve around our troop outings and campouts. We work together to make each time we go somewhere a great adventure !
We try not to " over-meet" and we meet on Sunday nights so not to interfere with school, sports, or family activities and to make sure all our scouts and leaders get plenty of needed rest. We try to camp or do a major activity at least once a month so rank requirements can be quickly met.
We like to do new and different things and go to a different summer camp each year to make summer camp an adventure and a learning experience for our scouts. ( Yes, we do go to amusement parks and sometimes stay in hotels with indoor pools.... )
We wear a complete uniform when we wear it, and always look one of the best units at any event or at summer camp !. We  wear our class B t-shirt while doing activities.
In the winter we attend our " Merit Badge College" at Chesapeake College in Wye Mills. The scouts do many of the "indoor type" merit badges so they can take " outdoors type" merit badges at summer camp and enjoy the beautiful camps that we go to and still stay on track for their advancement. Our parents serve as Merit Badge Counselors. Our Merit Badge College is open to all scouts in our district and we enjoy doing this for our scouting friends. Thanks to our Dean of Merit Badge College Constantine Kleissas ( District Award of Merit 2013 ) Twenty-five troops were represented by 185 scouts in MBC 2019.

Scouts should see the scoutmaster to get a signed Blue Card to start working on a merit badge. Working with a buddy is best ! Our scoutmaster will explain all about advancement and how Blue Cards and merit badges fit in. More info is on the Merit Badge Counselor web page. Good Luck !

For our second year is our joining with Troop 461 to put on an INVITATIONAL KLONDIKE Campout at the end of January at the Tuckahoe Steam & Gas grounds. All troops are invited to join us ! Six troops are signed up for 2019.

Our aim is to have a fun, instructional program for the scouts. We enjoy being leaders in our community.

We employ the eight methods of scouting, Ideals, Patrols, Outdoors, Advancement, Personal growth, Adult association, Leadership development, uniform. We use the EDGE 4 step skills method.

For rank advancement we employ each tier of leadership to be involved. First Class and above Scouts check off scout skills for those of lower rank .Prior to their Scoutmaster Conference each scout's success in his leadership position and Scout Spirit ( attendance, scout methods, scout oath and law ) is signed off in his handbook by the Senior Patrol Leader. For Star and Life rank their list of merit badges used for their rank must be listed in their handbook and signed by the adult advancement chairman. Once this is completed a Scoutmaster Conference is scheduled. The scout must arrange this with the scoutmaster. Once the Scoutmaster Conference is completed and signed, then the scout schedules a Board of Review with the Advancement Chairman.


2005   Camp Lions, VA   Scoutmaster Mr. Ernie

2006   Camp Trexler, PA  Scoutmaster Mr. Jeff

2007   Camp Broadcreek, MD.  Scoutmaster Mr. Jeff

2008   Camp Tuckahoe, PA  Scoutmaster Mr. Jeff

2009   Camp Lions, VA  Scoutmaster Mr. Chris

2010   Camp Trexler, PA  Scoutmaster Mr. Chris

2011   Camp Minsi, PA  Scoutmaster Mr. Chris

2012   Camp Broadcreek, MD  Scoutmaster Mr.Bob

2013   Camp Hidden Valley, PA  Scoutmaster Mr. Bob / Scoutmaster Mr. Ron

2014   Camp Minsi, PA  Scoutmaster Mr. Bob

2015   Camp Goose Pond, PA  Scoutmaster Mr. Eric

2016   Camp Hidden Valley, PA. Scoutmaster Mr. Eric

2017   Camp Minsi, PA , Scoutmaster Mr. Eric

2018   Camp Goose Pond, Scoutmaster Mr. Eric

2019   Camp Trexler, Pa. Scoutmaster Mr. Eric